By Montana Grant

Posted: December 28, 2019

Hopefully you were a good Girl or Boy, and Santa treated you well this Christmas. If you got some coal, use it to stay warm as you plan to be better next year.

New Stuff is fun! Make sure to get them organized and placed with next years gear. Elk calls need to go in the archery tub, warm water tackle goes in that tackle tub, keep the ski stuff out for next weekends trip. New is just better until it becomes vintage. You can always go back to the Old Reliable gear if the new stuff is not as lucky.

Snacks need to be eaten fresh. Make sure you munch the Corn Nuts, Malty Balls, and goodies before they go stale. They also will be enjoyed if you go ice fishing or take a winter jaunt. Use the snacks for instant energy.

Clothes need to be tried on before you remove the tags. Some leftover Thanksgiving dinner may have upgraded your sizes. Now hang them in the closet. Wearing new stuff is fun. Its like a new car that runs better after you wash it. New clothes make you feel and look better.

Make sure to write your Thank You cards. Being a good person is an everyday job.

If you don’t believe, you don’t receive!

Montana Grant

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