By Montana Grant

Posted: December 29, 2019

Sportsmen love to share their harvests. If you are a Vegan or anti hunter, be careful about what you eat at their home or party. The Catch of the Day is probably on the menu.

Blue fish are not considered a great eater. Blues are certainly fun to catch but not to eat, especially after being frozen. We had an annual party at my home and invited flocks of friends. At one party, I thawed out pounds of Bluefish filets and poached them. Next, I flaked the meat and pretended it was crab meat. Its amazing how Old Bay seasoning could make an old shoe taste good. Everyone though they were eating crab balls, Crab Imperial, Crab cakes, and Crab dip! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Roast Beast is even better. For meat eaters, who cares. For non-meat lovers you may be in trouble. Elk, deer, antelope and buffalo roasts may not be to your liking. Be polite and try a fair sampling. You might be surprised.

When a hunter serves you wild game, it is coming from the heart, or maybe the heart too. Anyway, they will only serve you the best cuts and try their best to make it their best. Do your best to at least give it a fair chance.

We have all watched the TV shows where people eat all kinds of gross stuff. Some cuts, parts, or appendages are just nasty but… Open your mind, heart, and mouth. You may be surprised. It’s kinda like Scrapple. This southern breakfast dish is amazing. It has pork, corn meal, and everything else but the squeals in it. When fried to a golden brown, you will find it wonderful. Some folks add a bit of pancake syrup or country gravy to it. When added to an English muffin with an egg, it makes a perfect sandwich.

Just don’t ask what’s in it!

Montana Grant

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