Trapping: The Most Effective Form of Wildlife Management
By angelamontana

Posted: December 25, 2019
Before you try to learn something about an activity that somebody opposes, make sure you do your own research first!  If you’re interested in learning about trapping, contact somebody from the Montana Trappers Association.  Who would know more about trapping than people who actually trap?  Anti-sportsmen (aka anti-Montana) groups try to scare people by making things up and pretending they know anything about trapping.  Be sure to visit for more information on trapping.In the meantime, here’s some information from MT FWP:

Fur trapping is highly regulated, biologically sustainable, and an important part of Montana’s cultural history and outdoor lifestyle.

FWP is responsible for the conservation of furbearers and for regulating the responsible use of this public resource. FWP and its citizen commission continually refine furbearer trapping regulations to ensure sustainability, selectivity, and ethical harvest.

Regulated trapping can provide many benefits to society, including:

  • Reducing wildlife damage to crops and property,
  • Reducing threats to human health and safety,
  • Population monitoring information including trends, distribution, reproductive data, presence of toxins, etc.
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