By Montana Grant

Posted: January 11, 2020

Where the Buffalo roam”, is the latest plan of the FWP for Buffalo Restoration. The state released its new plan this week. It has taken 8 years to get to this point.

The document says that bison restoration projects must comply with local, state, and tribal laws. Proposed projects must follow the new guidelines.

This decision and plan will give the FWP greater flexibility to protect landscape and restore wild buffalo herds. The core of the plan is focused on people that will be affected. Some Bison advocates are happy with this plan. Many others want to see the restoration happen quickly and go further.

No specific new sites for buffalo herds have been identified. Possible areas for consideration are the Charles Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Badger-Two Medicine Chief Mountain areas. Obviously, large acreage is required to support migrating buffalo herds.

There is a lot of controversy over Buffalo Restoration. Herds can migrate over huge areas. Fencing does little to retrain buffalo in a pasture. The livestock industry is worried about threats of Brucellosis infections. Elk also can transmit Brucellosis to cattle. Buffalo can take over grazing land.

Hopefully hunters will be able to become a part of the conversation and management of these massive critters. Much of the funding to support buffalo, Grizzly Bears, and other species comes from hunter’s dollars.

“And the deer and the antelope play!”

Montana Grant

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