Vehicle-Killed Wildlife Salvage Permit Refresher
By angelamontana

Posted: January 10, 2020
The 2013 Legislature passed a bill that allows for the salvage of deer, elk, moose, and antelope killed as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle.The bill allows a permit to be issued for the salvage of ONLY deer, elk, moose and antelope.

  • Permits are available at no cost, either through law enforcement officers on the scene of collisions or online through this web page.

Some important information on the salvage permit

  • To possess salvaged wildlife a person must obtain a salvage permit. A person has 24 hours to apply for and get a salvage permit.
  • If a person is involved in a vehicle-animal collision, the Montana Highway Patrol and some other law enforcement officers responding to the collision will have the ability to process a permit on site. If not, a person must apply for a permit online themselves. This is accomplished through this web page.
  • A person may pick up an animal that he/she did not hit. The process is the same and he/she must obtain a salvage permit through this web page.
  • Anyone who salvages a road-killed deer, elk, moose, or antelope will be required to remove the entire animal from where it is found. Parts or viscera cannot be left at the site. To do so is a violation of state law and would encourage other wildlife to scavenge in a place that would put them at risk of also being hit.

Applying for a permit

  • A permit cannot be issued without a person agreeing to the Affirmation on the following page. Be sure to read the Conditions for the Salvage and Possession of Vehicle Killed Wildlife thoroughly and completely before going on to the permit application page. It constitutes a legal document similar to that which is signed when a person buys a  hunting or fishing license. A law enforcement officer may require inspection of the animal, parts, meat and may request the permittee take the officer to the physical site where the animal was picked up.
  • Be sure to fill out the application fully. The system will not allow you to print a permit that does not have complete information.
  • Once the application has been made, go to the “PRINT PERMIT” box and click. When the permit is printed, be sure to keep it as it is the legal document that allows possession of the salvaged animal.

Click the link below to read the Conditions for the Salvage and Possession of Vehicle Killed Wildlife and apply for your permit.


The salvage permit system is not designed to operate on mobile devices. Do NOT attempt to apply for a permit on any mobile device.

CLICK HERE for permit application at bottom of page.

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