By Montana Grant

Posted: February 2, 2020

A 43 0ld woman was cross country skiing in Yellowstone Park and was attacked and bitten by a young Coyote! We are not talking about the Illegal Immigrant type of Coyote but rather the real deal “Yote”.

The skier was taken to the Canyon Village Visitor Education Center for treatment. She had several puncture wounds and cuts around her head and arms.

Park staff killed the coyote. A Rabies test will be required, just as in many dog bite situations. This was not a common assault. Wild critters do get hungry and look for vulnerable food opportunities. Diseases, like Rabies, can also change their normal behaviors.

Porcupine quills were discovered in the Coyotes throat and mouth. These quills travel inward and may have reached the Coyotes brain or other sensitive areas. This encounter could be the reason for the unusual assault.

The woman was also too close to the critter. Park officials have regulations that state tourists must stay at least 25 yards from coyotes and other animals. Wolves and bears have a 100 yards limit. Coyotes have the teeth and ability to kill a human.

Wild animals need to remain wild!

Montana Grant

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