By Montana Grant

Posted: March 1, 2020

There was a time when fishing Creels were as important to a fishermen’s gear repertoire as their hat. Fishermen fished to catch and keep fish. Bringing home, a limit, or catch of the day, was important to measure success. These old wicker baskets could really get their stink on!

Today’s creels are made of canvas and can be cleaned. They also can keep your catch fresher, longer. You can also carry an extra lure box in their side pockets. Artic Creel is one brand that comes in several sizes.

After a few limits, or dead bait boxes, end up in your creel, it is time for some maintenance. Check the snaps and straps for function. Look for tears and rips and repair. It may be best to clean the creel in a tub with soapy water. Allow some soaking time. Dove dish liquid is a good, environmentally correct choice. Once the soak has done its hard work, rinse and dry your creel. It is used to clean wildlife covered in oil, from spills.

Not all fishermen use creels. Some prefer stringers or sacks. The quality of the fish you plan to eat, begins when you catch it. First, kill the fish. Then keep it cool, wet, and eventually put it on ice. Bacteria will begin to form immediately.

Your gear box and truck will also smell better without the stench of dead fish and bait.

Not all fishermen need creels. Catch and Release is commonly practiced and enjoyed. I do wish I could wear my old wicker creel when fishing all the time. The wicker creel made a perfect shelf to rest my elbow on.

Oh well!

Montana Grant

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