By Montana Grant

Posted: March 26, 2020

The current quarantine has led many of us to dig into the freezer. Usually, there are treasures to be discovered. Freezer bags full of game birds are often found. That couple of packs of huns, pheasants, or grouse need to be addressed. Here’s a great way to enjoy the harvest!

I was looking through my freezer and found several pheasants. Normally, roosters are a dry meat. When mixed with veggies and broth, the bird becomes a tasty meal. Who doesn’t love Pheasant Pot Pie?

Making a creamy, savory filling and a great flaky crust is always a perfect meal!

Montana Pot Pie

3 celery stalks, carrots, and a diced onion will start the pot.

Start by melting a half stick of butter into a large pan. Add the diced veggies and begin to warm them up. Now add a drained can of peas and corn. Sautee softly until the veggies soften. Now add 1 chicken bouillon cube, ¼ cup of white wine, and 1 cup of cream or milk.

I took my pheasants and poached them in boiling water. Once poached, I cut them into pieces and added them to the pot. I strained a cup of broth from the poaching and added that as well. The rest of the water went into the dog’s dinner bowls.

Next, I added ¼ cup of flour, 1 tsp of thyme, and checked my salt and pepper to taste. I used a premade crust to cover the pot pie.

You can make one large casserole style pot pie or serve individual sized pies. This recipe works well in a Dutch Oven.

I baked the pie at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Let it rest for 15 minutes before serving. This is a great way to use freezer stock that you forgot about!

Enjoy and reload for next season!

Montana Grant

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