By Montana Grant

Posted: March 7, 2020

We all know about special “Take a Kid Fishing Days”. The problem is that Kids usually want to fish more than adults want to take them.

How about flipping the invitation? Kids invite a parent, relative, neighbor or Mentor. Make sure that they meet parent approval and are safe. Many of us were influenced by other adults than Dad. This is important for single parents. There are many great Mentors around that are looking for company and apprentices to show off and share their skills.

You know who I mean. Maybe it is the neighbor that seems to work on their fishing gear a lot. They practice casting, working on their boat, or seem to be heading outdoors often. Maybe it is the relative that loves to fish but has no kids. Maybe it’s the guy in the local fishing club that seems friendly.

When I was a kid, my Dad was often busy. I rode my bike to my first Trout Unlimited meeting. I was the only kid at the meetings and always showed up for stream cleanups and events. One day, I stood up at the meeting and invited anyone that wanted to go fishing with me. I would take care of lunch and drinks. I have a lot to learn but would share what I know. I can’t drive yet but can share gas money. Initially, the audience laughed.

Before I left that night, I suddenly had several business cards and contact info. In hand. It turned out that these guys were some of the best fishing greats in the region. My fishing buddies included Lefty Kreh, Paul Helm, Barry Einsig, Boyd Pfeiffer, Ed Koch, Vince Marinaro, Bill Burton, and many other great fishermen.

I took all these guys fishing before I could even drive! What a hoot. These men were the best fishermen I have known. Fishermen evolve. At first, we want to catch a fish. Next, we want to catch a lot of fish. With experience we start to catch Big Fish. Experts next learn to catch a specific fish. Finally, fishermen evolve to the point where they enjoy showing others how to fish.

It just might take a kid to invite them.

Montana Grant

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