OHV operators must purchase trail pass
By angelamontana

Posted: March 10, 2020

Montana residents who are off-highway vehicle operators are required to purchase a Resident OHV Trail Pass. The pass, which costs $20, can be purchased from many local vendors or online at http://stateparks.mt.gov/recreation/ohvProgram.html. The pass is required on all public lands where Montana residents ride OHVs on designated motorized routes and trails. The pass must be attached and visible on the OHV.

The pass is valid for up to two calendar years, expiring on Dec. 31 of the second year of purchase. In addition to the pass, Montana residents must have a permanent registration sticker, which is available through their County Treasurer’s office. If a resident purchases a two-year Resident OHV Trail Pass and presents it to their County Treasurer’s office while permanently registering their OHV, the resident is eligible for a reduction of $20 toward the cost of their permanent OHV registration.

Nonresidents are required to purchase an annual Nonresident Temporary Use Permit costing $35. The permits are available at http://stateparks.mt.gov/recreation/ohvProgram.html.

The Montana Legislature passed House Bill 355 in 2019, which created a Resident Trail Pass for OHVs. Revenues from each Resident OHV Trail Pass will be used to maintain and improve designated OHV routes and trails on public lands in Montana. The funds will be distributed through a grant program beginning in the fall.

For more information on OHV passes and permits, visit http://stateparks.mt.gov/recreation/ohvProgram.html.


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