By Montana Grant

Posted: March 22, 2020

Drift boats use unique pyramid shaped or cannonball style anchors. These 25-50 lb. anchors hang off the boats anchor bracket, ready to be dropped.

Heavier anchors, in the 40 plus pound class will stop the boat even with a boat load of beef. Lighter anchors tend to drag until they catch. When I need an anchor, I need it now, so heavier is better for my needs. The shape of your anchor is also a consideration.

These anchors are made from raw lead. This soft lead will wear, chip, and scrape off as the anchors contacts rocks and gravels. Over the years, lead is added to the watersheds. Lead is toxic and never breaks down. Lead is also a natural material.

Science does not show that lead poisoning from fishing weights, anchors, boat sheathing, or shot/bullets is fatal to wildlife. Ingested shot, lead chips, or BB sized sinkers have been found in waterfowl and birds. Yellowstone Park has outlawed lead sinker/shot for fishing. The data is still being considered.

Lead pipes, lead paints, solder in water pipes, and shotgun ammo for waterfowl have been banned for years. This created alternatives for Lead free options.

I have yet to see a bird that can ingest an anchor, but the good news is that there are alternatives to the old-style Raw Lead anchors. More Green Anchors are encased I a hard-plastic covering. Steel is also welded around the lead to protect it. Steel pipes are filled with heavy ballast and welded tight. Most of these anchors come from recycled materials.

Round pipe style anchors also offer the benefit of posts. These welded appendages help the boat stop and stay put. They are also harder to snag. Lighter anchors will better with these added posts and cylinder shape. Another difference is sound. A lead anchor is quieter than a steel anchor, when it hits the bottom or boat. These anchors perform extremely well and better than the old lead styles.

Check out the Green Anchors website to see the options available. Mike Storm, in Hamilton, MT. 59840, at 406-821-4758. Their website is Trout Unlimited members are offered a 15% discount.

Get the lead out!

Montana Grant

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