Fish for Dinner! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 4, 2020

I found a pack of brook trout filets in my freezer. They were from the early ice fishing season. It was time to put them onto the menu.

Once thawed, I dried the filets with a towel. Next, I coated them with dry Complete Pancake mix. For spice, I added Old Bay seasoning. Once coated, I placed the filets onto some wax paper for a rest. If you let them rest for a half an hour, the coating stays on the filet when fried.

Fry oil is important when cooking fish. Different oils add different flavors. Peanut oil adds flavor while other common oils do not. For this meal. I used the Olivelle Blood Orange oil mixed into the regular Canola. 

Trout filets cook quickly, so I was able to flip them after 3-4 minutes. Each filet was golden brown when I placed them onto paper towels to drain excess oil. The thing that was different, was the smell. The Blood Orange oil gave off a citrus odor that was amazing. This added flavor made the filets a real treat.

A side of homemade Tartar sauce finished of the filets. A quick Cole Slaw and some Spanish Rice topped the meal off. Simple is often better. The addition of the Blood Orange oil will become part of my new fish flavor profile.

It is always nice to come up with a different way to prepare our hard-earned catches. 

Montana Grant

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