By angelamontana

Posted: April 12, 2020

Everyone has their lucky rod. What make sit lucky? Is it the reel, line, rod, or…

For some fishermen, Brand Name is the quality standard. Fly fishermen love their Sage, Winstons, and Orvis rods. Every rod is unique and features different qualities but, are they better? There are only a few rod manufacturers in the world. Less than a dozen depending on business. Fiberglass is making a comeback, graphite is light and strong, Bamboo is traditional. 

Rod blanks are made by these same few companies. The same blank can end up in several labeled brands. That $750 rod blank could be on a cheapo brand. Look at the finishes, hardware, and reel seat. An off brand may have excellent features and be way cheaper.

For me, the most important part of a rig is the reel. If the reel does not hold enough line, or have a GREAT DRAG, it is worthless. Fortunately, there are many great reels on the market. Find a brand you prefer and get them I different sizes for your fishing needs. Make sure that the rod reel seat supports the reel appropriately. We don’t hook BIG FISH so we can lose them. 

Line is also critical. Some fishermen prefer mono or braid. Once you pick your line, don’t get cheapo. I prefer to go as light as I can get away with. Remember that the drag on the reel and proper rod will help. 

When I fished in Alaska last summer, the lodge gave us Beef master rods loaded with heavy braid and heavy weights and metal spreader rigs. They worked great but… What if I took a decent salmon rod, a decent smaller reel with a great drag, with lighter line, and lighter rods and used baited jigs? I am just saying, these lighter rigs were great fun and I landed a 75 lb. halibut on a lighter outfit than the heavy boat rods. The drag made the difference. 

The longer the rod, the bigger the fish, was always what old fishermen told me. A longer lever does more work. A drag will compensate for lighter line. A sensitive rod tip will feel more bites. 

Go as small and light as you are comfortable with. 

Tight lines and screaming reels!

Montana Grant

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