Too Rustic (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 26, 2020

American Outdoorsmen are becoming Wussies! Camping used to be a way to enjoy the outdoors and embrace nature. Sure, there may have been a few campouts that got rained on, bugged out, snowed in, or critter attacked. That does not mean that they were not memorable and fun. Who wants to venture into the outdoors and not come home with a great story?

My wife’s idea of camping has become a Holiday Inn where she can see a tree out of the window. Toilets must flush, cell phone service is required, someone else can cook, clean, and serve. After all it is a vacation.

Camping used to be about “Roughing It”. Now it is “Too Rustic!” The trick was to Rough It in style. Feast on great campfire foods, rustic showers, and facilities, improvising and making rough into not so rough. That is the fun about comfortable camping. 

Today “Outdoorsmen” need generators, RV’s, Wheelers, motorized watercraft, Toy haulers, and plasma TV’s. Heck, stay home and watch the Sportsmen’s Channel. Why leave the comfort of home?

There is something magical about the smell of canvas, campfire smoke, perk coffee, Dutch Oven treats, and surviving comfortably outdoors. We are better than modern handicaps outdoorsmen have succumbed to. What is the contrast to staying at home? Hauling a 30-foot RV with slide outs, microwaves, and all the modern conveniences, what is the point. You hog the highways, do not dare to step outside, and require services to support your utopia of comfort. Talk about Social Distancing! Just camp in the backyard.

Let us get back to real camping! Sleeping bags, ground clothes, tents, campfires, and campfire cooking, folding chairs, Lanterns, and Rustic comfort. If it does not kill you it will only make you stronger!

Now where did I put my bug and bear spray?

Montana Grant

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