Turkey Loads (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 19, 2020

Turkey ammo has come along way. The days of Buckshot shells are over. New shotshell loads allow a hunter to mix and match.

Pick the right load for where you hunt. Are you hunting edges, thickets, or forests? Each area offers different shots and needs. Some shells are better for long ranges while other shots are offering a denser pattern. The bigger the size of your BBs, the fewer BBs will fit into the shell. You can certainly up the gun gauge or shell size. A 3-inch shell will hole more BBs than a 2 3/4-inch shell. A 10 gauge holds more BBs than a 20 Gauge. 

If you have a bucket of shot it won’t help if you did not sight in your gun. A miss is a miss no matter what gun, gauge, or shell. 

Consider a few new custom Turkey shotshell choices.

Federal 3rd Degree    This shell comes in various sizes and offers 3 different shot sizes. You can have #5, 6, and 7 size shot in the same shell! The BB’s are also buffered to improve range.

Browning TSS Tungsten    This load offers shot sizes in #7 and 9 in the same shell. Buffering allows for denser patterns and longer shots.

The hunter needs to test and decide on what combinations are best for their gun.  

Will you be shooting a full or modified choke? 

What size shell will you use?

What size BBs offer the best and most dense pattern?

What gauge gun is your choice?

The area that you hunt will help with these choices. Now test out and sight in your gun and see what results. Place Turkey head targets at 20-50 yards and shoot each load. You need 9-12 BB holes in the head and neck to kill a mature gobbler. With greater range, you will offer fewer BBs in a less dense pattern. Every gun is a bit different. There is only one easy to be sure, practice, test, and adjust the sights.

It takes jus a few seconds to shoot a turkey. It takes hours to plan, prepare, organize, call, and set the stage for success. 

Aim small, Miss small!

Montana Grant

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