By Montana Grant

Posted: April 9, 2020

Spring turkey hunting is great fun. Calling in a Big Tom into shotgun range will make the best hunters hearts race. The sounds and sights of Gobblers in the Spring never gets old.

With the new Spring Turkey season upon us, it is time to go on the hunt. Social distancing is easier when afield. Enjoy the fresh air and open spaces as you harvest food for the family.

When you get to your turkey spot, allow a few days to Scout and figure out what is going on. Turkeys have been mating for a few weeks and have developed locations and patterns. Look for scat, scratching’s, roosts, feathers, and tracks. Binoculars allow you to scout from afar. Your hearing will help you locate roosting areas and strut zones.

Once you zero in on where, arrive a half an hour before dawn and quietly wait. Get as close as you can without scaring the birds. Turkeys have great vision, so camo and quiet stalking are critical. Your first call will be a tree call. If the gobbler is hot, he may fly right at you. Be ready.

Once you pick your spot, set the decoys out, if you use them. I have had my decoys shot by idiot hunters so be smart. If you are in a crowded area, maybe forgo the decoys. Make sure you have a view of the area to see the birds and any encroaching hunters. You can tie a florescent ribbon onto a nearby tree to warn hunters that you are in the area. Decoys work but put the hunter at risk. Be Safe when using Decoys.

Put the gobbler decoy where you want to shoot. Maybe 20 yards. Face the decoy toward you but not looking at you. If another gobbler challenges the decoy, he will face the decoy. If you are not using a decoy, just allow an open field of fire out to about 50 yards.

Hunt the high ground. You will be able to see and hear further. Rarely will you call a smart gobbler downhill, or across a creek. Generally, you want to bring the birds uphill or along the same ridgeline. Once in range, aim at the “Necticles”. This is what my son calls the waddles on the gobblers’ neck. If your gun is sighted in, the head and neck will receive the pattern and knock the bird down.

If you Scouted properly, the rest will fall into place. You can have everything you need but if there are no birds in your area, you will just be taking your gun for a walk.

Cluck, Cluck, Purr, Purr!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, check him out at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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