By Montana Grant

Posted: May 3, 2020

We have all trekked to some remote area to discover we were not the first visitor. Many of the highest mountain peaks of Big Sky Country are stacked with trinkets, signs, souvenirs, or items left to say, “We were here too!”

Whether it is because of boredom or creativity, folks have been leaving their marks forever. Native peoples often left cave or wall art to describe their hunts, or presence. No matter what the reasons, there is a story that goes with the art.

On a fishing trip to the Gallatin River, at Nixon’s Gulch bridge, a herd of rock artists went crazy. Dozens of rock stacks, piles, and artsy decorations lined the rivers edge. With some high water or swinging feet, these were all perishable. Someone went to a lot of trouble to manipulate the shoreline and tell us something.

On a high peak near Raynold’s Pass, we climbed to discover a smorgasbord of hats, water bottles, signs, t-shirts and holey socks that were left by other climbers. So much for “taking a picture and leaving only a footprint”.

Nature also makes her own unique rock art. Montana is full of wonderful examples. Simply explore Yellowstone Park or much of our backcountry destinations. Natures crafting is already wonderful. It does not need any vandalism, improvements, or adjustments.

Nature Really Rocks!

Montana Grant

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