By Montana Grant

Posted: May 3, 2020

Dog lovers have BIG hearts. We all find our furry puppy pals to be special and wonderful companions. Recently, we lost our 11-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, Magnum. He was an amazing hunter and superb Buddy.

To help deal with the loss of Magnum, we went to the local animal shelter called The Heart of the Valley. Our friend Megan told us about a sweet lab named LuLu. That is all my wife needed to hear.

LuLu was dropped off with her lifelong companion after the owners went to the senior home. No dogs allowed! Her buddy was grabbed up, but LuLu was 11, has a wart on her head, has dog breathe, and is a bit gray and old. Aren’t we all? She had been adopted twice and returned because she was “too clingy”.

Anyway, LuLu is now part of our family. It has taken some adjustment. Our other pup Shelby misses Magnum too. It takes time to make new friends. LuLu is great company and every day is a blessing.

Shelter dogs to the rescue! We miss Magnum, and I am hunting for a new German Shorthaired companion, but LuLu sure helps to fill the void.

Good Dog!

Montana Grant

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