By Montana Grant

Posted: June 27, 2020

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission have approved a new plan to address the current and future CWD epidemic. This disease has impacted deer, elk, and moose statewide.

Like it or not CWD is here and will impact our wildlife programs. Animals can carry the disease and show no symptoms.

The management plan calls for continued testing of animals. Focus will be on Mule deer and White-tailed deer. Areas with current outbreaks will be targeted for more testing.

CWD testing stations will be set up in areas where the likely hood of infection is highest. Hunters will be able to have their tagged critters tested for free.

CWD is an “evolving problem” that needs more research and attention. This disease is fatal when contracted by deer. CWD has been confirmed in 26 states and Canada. Most initial cases started from Game Farm stock. In Montana, the first cases were in 2017.

Consumption of infected meat is discouraged. Studies are underway to see if there is a health issue for humans. If you harvest a critter in a hot zone, have it tested before eating it.

Pay attention to wildlife behavior.

Montana Grant

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