By Montana Grant

Posted: June 13, 2020

The next step in easing the pressure on the Madison River has been postponed until August.
Since the new regulations have been proposed, many organized groups and businesses that rely on fishing profits, have been up in arms! The Covid-19 has certainly impacted many lifestyles and businesses. Many anglers that travel to Montana for recreation, have canceled their trips. Revenues are down and these groups want to delay any new rules, restrictions, or changes until the Pandemic is over. Others want no change at all.
The MT FWP is committed to protecting the fisheries and issues. The process to add protections to the Madison River has been ongoing for over 2 years. The latest postponement draws out the process even more. The over fished river saw well over 200,000 fishermen days last year alone. Guides and outfitters have been blamed for much of the pressure and overcrowding. These Public resources have become revenue streams for many private businesses.
The FWP is committed to meeting the needs and wants of all folks involved, while protecting the Blue-Ribbon Fishery, that has become a worldwide destination.
The Madison will soon be back in clear fishing shape. Hopefully, we can all enjoy this loved resource together without loving it to death!
Stay tuned!
Montana Grant
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