Alberton produces some nice moose! [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: July 10, 2020

Look at all that meat!  Here is some footage from a hunter in Alberton in 2019…it reminds us how lucky we are to live where we live when a moose walking by becomes a viral video for the rest of the world!

“I went for a hunt West of Alberton, MT. I went for a long hike but found no elk, so I started to head back to my vehicle when I heard the thrashing of bushes. I looked around the corner and I saw this bull moose raking the bushes, so I found a spot to sit still. I sat as still as I could to see how it would play out and he then noticed me for a second but kept coming. As he drew closer he got to about 15 feet from me and turned and looked at me like he was saying, “How’s it going?” Then he was on his way down the hill, the whole time he was grunting you can hear it a few times in the video.”

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