Gallatin River Fishing Report by Fins and Feathers 7.5.20
By angelamontana

Posted: July 6, 2020


4/5 Rating

Current Conditions

The Gallatin River has dropped significantly and is now quite clear. Salmonflies have been buzzing in the canyon on warm sunny days. Attractor dry flies have been catching quite a few fish. A large orange Chubby Chernobyl should work just fine on top. There are also some PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Caddis coming off throughout the day. A Yellow Stimulator, Rusty Spinner and Elk Hair Caddis are good flies to have. Subsurface, a Pat’s Rubberlegs and Lightning Bug should keep the rod bent. The fish are still mostly stacked up along the banks, so continue to target those softer seams along the bank. If you happen to find yourself out there in dirty water, try nymphing a worm, Pat’s Rubberlegs or a Prince Nymph.

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Gallatin River Overview

The Gallatin River is one of the more scenic, blue-ribbon trout waters found in the Bozeman area. The river changes in character from a small mountain stream near its headwaters in Yellowstone National Park to a medium-sized, classic western river once it flows into the Gallatin Valley. The middle portion of the river flows through the Gallatin Canyon and is characterized by pocket water and swift currents. Once it leaves the canyon stretch, the river slows its pace with much of the trout water being found in a classic riffle, pool, and run water types. The Gallatin River is noted for having very clean, cold water throughout its course and served as the setting in which much of “A River Runs Through It” was filmed.


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