By Montana Grant

Posted: July 26, 2020

Grills come in many forms, styles, and materials. They can be wood fired, propane, pellets, or charcoal. Providing heat and smoke is one thing but what about where the meat meets the metal?

Grill grates also come in many styles. In a campsite, the grate is usually a thick web of steel or iron rods. They can resist most vandalism and abuse. Many of us used old refrigerator metal shelves to cover some rocks and cook outdoors.

Today, many grates are metal frames covered with a Nonstick coating. The problem is that these coatings can chip off or scrape off. The particles end up in your food. Park grill grates could be contaminated with only God knows what. Many drunk campers often “Piss on the Fire”. Trash and other refuse also end up in the fire or grill.

A hot fresh fire will certainly sterilize most cooties that end up in the fireplace or grill unit. It is always a good idea to heat up any grill before placing food on to it. It is also a good idea to clear out an old fire space and bury any old charcoal and ash from the fire. Use a wire brush to clean the grate. Now build a fresh fire and heat the grates up before cooking.

Aluminum Foil is a grillers friend. Cover the grates with a few layers of foil after the grate has been cleaned. Punching a few fork holes will allow grease to drain into the fire.

The newest grill grate covers are made from Space Age fabrics. You can order them online or find them at your favorite Grill Gear location. Simply lay the foot squares onto the grill and cook on top of them. These mats prevent flare ups and burning of your food. Burgers and dogs come off perfectly cooked and even have grill marks. Flipping food or containing shish ka bobs is easier. No more lost chunks into the flames. You now have a clean barrier between the grill and the flame. When done cooking, simply rinse and clean the mats.

Grill more often!

Montana Grant

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