By Montana Grant

Posted: July 4, 2020

Maybe I am getting old, but the names of the best flies are getting confusing and off color! Back in the day a Royal Coachman was a noble fly. The Adams or Royal Wulff were great choices. Maybe a Mickey Finn or Muddler Minnow would be the fly of choice.

Today its time to tie on a Golden Dog Puke in size 4-8! This fly is on point and will make you enjoy some sick fishing. A “Nymphomaniac” in size 16-18 is a wonderful choice if you desire a lot of fish. If you are a bit shy, maybe a “Golden Chubby” will get some attention.

We all love to name our flies. Its kinda like the airplanes in WW2. Fighters and bombers often had sweet names painted on their nose. My Dad flew in a couple B-17’s named “9 Jerks and a Yank”, and the “Rough and Ready”. The risqué artwork complimented the names.

One day in a local trout shop, we tied the Cock and Balls. It looked like a “Cock and Balls”. I fished the East Gallatin and stroked the fish with this distinctive fly. I keep a few in my box to this day.

Unique names allow fishermen to communicate in code. For example, the other day I tied on a Little Spanker in size 12. “The Sex Dungeon was working well but the Mini Sex Dungeon worked better. Later I tied on a Home Invader and cleaned house!” Later I used a Turd Blossom fished deep and caught the crap out of them!”

“The Big Dong in black, size 6-8 is magic on the Mighty Mo right now. Use a “Ta Ta Akimbo” as your dropper in size 12. Don’t forget to keep abreast of Headlights Sally. Always fish as a pair!”

“And a river runs through it!”

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him naming flies at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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