By Montana Grant

Posted: August 22, 2020

Dog names are regional, cultural, and sport related. In Bozeman, Montana, if you yell Madison, Rocky, Bridger, or other popular local names, 3,000 dogs will come running. When you get a new pup, try, and come up with a less common name so that your dog will respond to you. I think the same is true when naming our children. Use a name that has a story and is unique.

When naming a dog, never use names that sound like commands. Avoid anything that sounds like Sit, Stay, Whoa, Come, No, etc. It is hard enough to train a dog that is confused whether to do this, that, or the other or “are you talking to me?”

Avoid multisyllable names. Bartholomew, Napoleon, Angelina, or long, multi sounding names will confuse the dog. You want one quick syllable that your dog knows is them. Most dog owners often throw in additional “cutesy wutsey” sounds, adjectives, or names on top of the long multi sounding name.

When you give a command, you want to say as little and as firmly as possible. “Buck, Sit!” No more no less. Dogs can learn dozens of words or sounds but they need to be simple, short, and sweet.

Consider if you are near a road and the dog is heading into traffic. You don’t want t o scream and shout, “Buck, get back here now. What are you thinking? You’re going to get hit by a car!” Command “Buck come!” or “Buck Sit!” If they do something wrong, it is simply “Buck No!”

Here are some great Hunting dog names to consider. Some are gender related while others are not.

MAGNUM   My wife was a Magnum PI fan and I liked Magnum ammunition. “Mag” is a quick and perfect name.

SHELBY     back in the day, I had a great lab named “Sheba” and a shorthair pointer named “Coalby”. She was all black. From these 2 dogs, I made Shelby”. She is also like an ammunition shell and a great dog. In each case I command, “Coal, Shell, or She.”

SCOUT     This quick name sounds like nothing else and says what dogs do. It is quick, sharp, and different.

BUCK    or HUCK are quick names that work well. Easy and quick to say. Just be careful of any near sounding adjectives after you miss a shot, or they misbehave.

DUKE    Any John Wayne fan loves this choice. There is only one Duke!

HAMMER    HAM for short and Hammer time when afield. This name slides off the tongue when giving commands.

LINK    Not just a name for wiener dogs. LINK is crisp and perfect for a quick name. They are the Link between the bird and you.

BOONE    Daniel Boone was a great hunter too.

You want the dogs name to roll off the tongue. If you get a stubborn pup, you better like the name you choose because you will be using it a lot!

Good Dogs!

Montana Grant

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