Finally–Hours of Salmon Fishing Pays off on Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: August 20, 2020

The Captain has black jaw fever!  He loves to fish Chinook salmon on Fort Peck.  After being shut out by the salmon for almost two weeks, it finally happened.

Kjel Olson from Bozeman joined the Captain for a few days of grinding it out on the water for these elusive fighting fish. They fished Sunday the 16th with no luck. Monday at 8:45am a rod released with a 10 pound salmon on it.

Tuesday the duo fished till 3:30pm until a 21-pound Chinook salmon took the Brad’s seahawk mini cup at 90 feet down over 160 feet of water.  The fishing is slow, but catching just one per day is gratifying for the Captain.

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