Hear Full Story From New Chinook Salmon State Record Holder
By Kamp Cook

Posted: August 22, 2020

Black Jaw Fever has been running rampant on Fort Peck over the last few weeks. Hundreds of anglers have been putting in lots of hours on the water, trying to hook into a monster. The Captain has been one of those anglers. Logging over 10 hours a day trying to find a big chinook salmon. The fish are by no means jumping in the boat, but persistence pays off at least once or twice a day.

Persistence really paid off BIG for Greg Haug of Bismark, ND. Greg landed the new Montana state record Chinook salmon this past Sunday (8/16). Weighing in at 32.05 lbs with a girth of 27.5 inches and a length of 38.25 inches.

Hear the full story from the man himself. Greg, and his fishing partner Shawn Barney, recently joined us on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show to share how the record fish was caught. Plus an interesting lure choice that he and the former record holder have in common.


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