By Montana Grant

Posted: August 8, 2020


Hoot Owl restrictions are expanding across the state. Evening fishing restrictions have bee imposed on several lower water rivers. The water temperatures have exceeded 73 degrees for at least 3 consecutive days. High water temps and the impact of fishing combine to increase fish mortality and outbreaks of disease.

The restrictions now apply to;

The Lower Gallatin River from the Highway 84 bridge, near Four Corners, to the Missouri River

The Lower Ruby River from Duncan District Road to the Beaverhead River

The Big Hole River from its confluence with the North Fork Big Hole to Dickie Bridge west of the Wise River.  Also, from the Maidenrock Fishing Access to the Beaverhead River.

The Lower Beaverhead River from Anderson Lane to the Jefferson River.

The entire Jefferson River

The Lower Madison River from Warm Springs access to the Missouri River.

This fishing restriction will last at least until August 15th. It could go longer depending upon water flows, weather, and conditions. Irrigation is at its peak and annually reduces flows in these rivers. Farming is also important in Montana.

A better fishing choice may be the numerous and bountiful high mountain lakes that can be found throughout Montana. Targeting walleye, perch, or other warm water species is also a good option.

Give these warm and low water fisheries a break.

Montana Grant

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