Montana hunter stalks mule deer up to 3 feet [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: September 22, 2020

Apparently, there is controversy revolving around this footage….what are your thoughts?

Wanna see one of the craziest stalks on a mule deer ever!! Max Demarco of Bozeman, Montana @demarco.max filmed his buddy Anthony Brunett @_anthony_brunett sneak up to within 3 ft of this Mule deer buck while antelope hunting. Nothing is harder than to sneak up on a mule deer especially when there are zero trees and just a few rocks. So the story goes…..Max and Anthony are out antelope hunting and run across this bedded down a ways out. So they come up with the idea to have Anthony see if he can sneak up on this mule deer buck, so the bet was on….Bragging Rights for the top stalk of the hunt. So Anthony sets out to catch this buck sleeping. Well you can watch for yourself how that goes.

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