By Montana Grant

Posted: September 3, 2020

Dead fish are floating along the Yellowstone River again. Montana officials are investigating.

Hundreds of dead Whitefish have been observed along the banks. MTFWP officials have identified the fish kill from Big Timber and Livingston. Dead whitefish have also been observed as far down as Grey Bear access.

It appears that the deaths are a result of PKD. This kidney disease, proliferative kidney disease,  is common to salmonids and whitefish. The same condition occurred in the late summer of 2016. Lower and warmer water conditions seem to be part of the conditions needed to bring on the disease. Thousands of Whitefish died during the last outbreak. Samples have been taken and tests are being performed.

FWP recommends that anglers release caught fish quickly, using proper Catch and Release techniques.

Montana Grant

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