By Montana Grant

Posted: October 22, 2020

I was in Bob Wards today and saw a guy looking to buy some meat sacks. He was going elk and deer hunting with a friend and said he would buy the Sacks!

He was holding two Sacks! I mentioned that he may need a few more. He said that he had always been able to drag a full carcass. I welcomed hi to Montana, where that almost never happens.

A few years back, I tagged a 300-pound dressed Mulie 4×5 Buck. I was alone and there was no way that I was going to drag it uphill and a mile away. It was time to quarter the beast. You need one bag for each leg. Another bag will hold the prime loins and big cuts. A sixth bag would hole any trimmings.

It is important to remove all the great meat on the critter that you harvest. You cannot eat antlers! I carry those out last, for motivation. Each bag will be around 60-100 pounds, depending on how fat your critter is. Two bags would not do it!

Carry one bag at a time, to not get hurt or strained. As an Older Fart, I have had to slow down and watch my step. It is wiser to take more safer trips than a few Ball Busters.

Elk will fill more Sacks. 7 bags are about right. One bag for each leg and maybe you could fit the loins and trimmings into a 5th sack. Ad the heart and liver and the ribs and… You see what I mean. Two bags will not do it!

I recently helped a buddy tag his Montana Moose. Just the 4 leg bags weighed 400 pounds! The inner loins were as big as a white-tailed Bucks back loins. Two bags will not work!

An average Deer may squeeze into 4 bags, if it is small. You can double up the legs. A ham and a front leg in each sack. Get good quality cotton sacks. Do not be cheap. They make net bags to keep off the insects but, in Montana, the bugs died a month ago. It is ok to have an extra Sack, not just two.

The great thing about quality cotton Sacks, is that you can use them over and over. When the bloody Sack comes off the meat at the butchers or home, simply throw them in the wash. My Sacks have hauled dozens of critters. Oh, and get the BIG SACKS! Better to have more than less.

You can tell an experienced hunter by the size of his Sack!

Montana Grant

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