By Montana Grant

Posted: October 10, 2020

Rocky Jacobsen is an avid hunter. He practices what he preaches and is World Champion elk caller. Not only can he call elk, and other critters, he routinely practices using his weapons and products. Rocky Mountain Game Calls are the best calls on the market. Rocky designs and manufactures these excellent calls.

On the opening day of the Idaho archery season, Rocky tagged out in just 2 hours! Was he “Lucky” or…?

Many expert hunters and Archers shoot a single shot weapon. The last shot never matters, the next one does. Practice is critical. That one perfect shot is the result of hundreds of trigger pulls.

Fishermen that catch fish have spent a lot of time on the water. They also do their homework. Videos, communication, reading, and investing time and energy in what they enjoy. When, how, where, and with what is not about luck, its about preparation.

Rocky takes the first legal critter that crosses his path. Opportunity is important. If you do not shoot, or wait for that “Special” critter, you may not get another chance. This seasons’ elk was a beautiful, branched bull. Younger bulls taste better than tough Old Bulls. Rocky is about feeding his family.

Planning, preparation, just met opportunity! That 2-hour hunt was the culmination of a lot of hunts. This bull was also the result of days and weeks spent afield scouting the area. A plan was made and followed through with. Too Lucky?

Now Rocky can spend the rest of his season teaching and helping others. Those other hunters are the Lucky Ones!

Montana Grant

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