By Montana Grant

Posted: November 21, 2020

CWD, Chronis Wasting Disease, is a progressive, fatal, neurological disease. It normally affects deer, elk, and moose. There is no known case of CWD affecting humans, pets, livestock, or other wildlife, other than the deer family.

The disease originated on Game Farms. When infected animals escaped, they infected neighboring wild deer populations.

The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control recommend not eating any contaminated meat. They also suggest that hunters have all their deer family meat tested before consumption. Not all deer show symptoms. Not everything is understood about this disease.

This is especially important if you harvest deer in affected areas.

Once an animal dies from CWD, it can continue to spread the disease for at least 2 years. The skull and spinal cord are prime parts to avoid. Dumping dead carcasses can spread the disease. It is suggested that these carcasses be buried, landfilled, or burned. It is illegal to dump carcasses in Montana.

Research the current CWD information at

This website will also direct you to learn how to have your harvest tested.

CWD is found in most of Montana. Be smart before dinner!

Montana Grant

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