By Montana Grant

Posted: November 8, 2020

Hunters are always looking for that extra edge. Elk and deer are not easy prey. Their nose, sight, ears, and instincts make them a formidable prey. Using new gear that is ethical and still gives the critters a fair shake is always worth a look. Here are a couple new and unique ideas to add to your gear bag.

Wildgame Innovations has come up with the only field system that neutralizes human scent. It is called the ZeroTrace PureION Generator. For only $199.99, you can hunt stink free. PUREON Technology uses the flow of small ion molecules to get rid of unwanted scent particles. This unit is small and lightweight. It is rechargeable. This on person gizmo creates a scent free bubble around the hunter.  It may not be as effective on windy days or if the hunter is moving. For slow still hunters and stand hunters, this device will reduce your scent profile.

This progressive hunting company also has developed a Golden Estrus GEL scent. This 2 oz. bottle will last longer than any liquid buck lure. At $14.99, you can send a message to Big Bucks that they are interested in. Liquid scents tend to leak, spill, and evaporate more quickly. This thick and sticky gel sticks to any tree, limb, scent tab, or rock. It is controllable and easy to use.

Staying stink free while attracting critters with scent is a great way to improve your hunting odds.

Montana Grant

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