By Montana Grant

Posted: November 27, 2020

I just had to post the results of this Great Moose Hunt again! Every time that I look at these pictures, I get excited all over. My friend “Shrapnel Kirk” is also still in Second Heaven over his once in a lifetime harvest.

Moose tags are few and far between. Many of us have put in for a Moose Tag annually for a lifetime without getting drawn. If you are lucky enough to draw, it could mean that you need to buy a new freezer. Shrapnel had full freezers overnight. Just the 4 quartered legs weighed 400 lbs.!

Sharing a hunt with friends is generous and special. The fellowship and companionship offer safety, fun, and great memories. Hunting as a team helps with success and dealing with a HUGE critter that has been tagged.

Shrapnel’s Moose had a 47-inch spread on its massive antlers. When we found the great downed beast, it was monstrous! “Now What?” We quickly went to work tagging, quartering, and dealing with this massive animal.

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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