By Montana Grant

Posted: December 3, 2020

Dead Eye Mike tagged a great Mulie buck just before Thanksgiving. His public land buck was on the prowl chasing does. He spotted the Big Boy around 8am and the stalk and wait began.

Successful deer hunting is about patience. If you cannot sit still, in the cold, and have faith in the wind, behaviors, and luck, then you will rarely harvest a trophy. When the big buck laid down, Dead Eye got comfortable for the long wait. A second big buck soon showed up but was just beyond the land boundary.

Since this was close to the final days of hunting, Mike decided to shoot either great deer. The new arrival bumped the firs buck from his bed, and they started for the private land. One buck ranged at over 200 yards and the new arrival was closer.

Dead Eye prides himself on safe, smart, and accurate shooting. It was now or never. The only shot was at the back. Mike aimed high so that he would hit the back base of the brutes’ neck. This would be a risky shot but many trigger pulls at the range gave Dead Eye the confidence he needed. As the single shot echoed across the hills, the Big Buck was down.

Dead Eye tagged a wonderful 5×5 Mulie Buck in his prime. He was 5-6 years old and live weight had to be around 300 lbs. Mike has spent many days afield waiting for the moment when planning, preparation, and luck come together.

His handy ice fishing sled helped get the buck to the truck. He will butcher the deer himself and enjoy the bounty with friends and family.

Well done! No Tag Soup this year!

Montana Grant

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