By Montana Grant

Posted: December 20, 2020

Angling means Tangling! Time spent dealing with Tangles means less time dealing with fishing. Here are some tips to keep your lines and rods tangle free.

Rod socks.    These socks will cover the rod and line to help prevent tangles between gear. The trick is to use the hook clip near the handle to avoid tangling. If you reel in the spinner, fly. Or hook to the rod tip, you will get hooked up inside the cover.

Crank your pre rig to the tip.    If you are not using a rod cover or sleeve, crank the spinner or hook to the rod tip. Place in a drawer that you can access. In this way, extra line is removed from the formula and tangling is reduced.

Storge drawers    Using dedicated rod drawers or tubes helps to reduce tangles.

Rod tubes    Rod tubes advertise expensive gear. Drawers under a deck in the back of the truck reduce awareness. Sadly, rods can be an attractive target for thieves. Place your rods out of sight.

The key to controlled tangle is to visualize the tangle before it happens. If you don’t, be prepared to untangle the mess and waste fishing time.

Bird nests Beware!

Montana Grant

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