By Montana Grant

Posted: January 14, 2021

“Best”, is a relative term. Every fishermen’s idea of “Best” varies. Not every fisherman measures their day by the same standards. For some it is about numbers of fish caught. Others are after size, meat, or experience. For many fishermen, a great day is measured by a peaceful, relaxing day, in a beautiful place.

Fish are fish. I have caught amazing trout in streams next to interstates and developed areas. Once fishing, we can zone in on the fishing, water, and fish. We may overlook the Big Skies, mountains, or remote areas. Fishing is what you make it.

Montana is blessed to have many wonderful watersheds that are dream destinations for anglers around the world. These waters are not a secret and can be ranked in different order, depending upon the seasons. Some are better in different seasons than others.

Missouri River

               Madison River

               Gallatin River

               Big Hole River

               Yellowstone River

               Bighorn River

               Smith River

               Clark Fork

               South Fork of the Flathead River

Each river has its own challenges and requirements. Some require a boat. Others require you to camp. Some are just too crowded and require boats to have bumpers on their sides. The recent COVID-19 Crap has flooded our rivers with fishermen. If you cannot work, need to quarantine, and have cabin fever, its time to go fishing. All these rivers have seen a huge surge in fishing pressure. Once the COVID-19 declines and folks can go back to work, the Best fishing will return.

Fish for Fun!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, catch him in Montana at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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