By Montana Grant

Posted: January 7, 2021

The new Corona virus vaccine is available thanks to a Blue-Blooded Maryland Crab! Since my roots are from Maryland, I found this interesting. Turns out that Horseshoe crabs, which are ancient sea floor insects, more closely related to spiders, have amazing Blue Blood!

These amazing crabs survived the Dinosaur Apocalypse and are still found along Maryland Shorelines. They survive today in abundance in Maryland’s shorelines and Asia. Boats out of Ocean City, Maryland Catch and Release these amazing critters to get samples of their Blue Blood!

Crabs caught in the morning are back in the Bay or Ocean within 12 hours. Hypodermic syringes are used to draw blue blood from their tube-shaped hearts. I guess this should be called Catch, Bleed, and Release. Mortality varies from 5% to 30% depending upon which study you review.

So, what good is Blue Blood from an Ocean insect? Turns out that back in the 1960’s, Doctors at John Hopkins Hospital found that the Blue Blood identified toxins and bacteria in needles, vaccines, and medicines. If the vaccine, syringe, or sample contained anything toxic, it would create a gel and congeal around the bacteria or harmful cells. This was first used when performing transplants and serious surgery.

Prior to this discovery, Horseshoe Crabs were considered a trash catch. Native peoples and farmers would dump them onto fields to dry out and serve as fertilizer. Horseshoe Crabs were no more than swimming Army Helmets. Today, their blood is worth up to $60,000 a gallon or more.

No other synthetic product works as well as the Blue Blood from these crabs. Preventing endo toxins from contaminating vaccines and preventing “injection fever’, is essential when providing mass shots to humans. If no reaction is seen, then the vaccine is clean and safe to use.

Each crab provides about 1-2 tablespoons of blood before being released. “Milking “the crabs take place in sterile facilities. In 2019, 640,000 crabs were milked and released. These crabs are worth more Alive than Dead! The Blue Blood was valued at over 60 million dollars that year. Currently the harvest has grown along with its value and need.

Blue Bloods are good for something!

Montana Grant

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