By Montana Grant

Posted: January 3, 2021

With a new fishing season just around the bend, it is time to set some New Years Resolutions.

The greatest Fishermen are the ones that can teach others how to be a great fisherman. Catching a fish is one thing but a true Master is the one that teaches others.

Make a Resolution to catch a new Fishing Buddy! Grand kids, neighbor kids, young kids, old kids, or a Buddy that needs some company. Everyone can teach and learn something. Getting others hooked on fishing is the greatest trophy in fishing. The pictures and memories are well worth the time and effort.

Kids are the classic target catch for future fishermen. They need someone to inspire, motivate, and teach them. Many kids come from broken homes without a fishing family member. Fishing is about limits, rules, skills, and fun. We fish in beautiful places and fish taste great. You can also Catch and Release if desired. This is just another lesson to learn.

Several years ago, I took a couple neighbor boys fishing. They had little to know experience. After getting parental permission, I loaded the truck with gear and snacks. We went to the Big Gunpowder River. This river was next to a mill that helped to make George Washington’s Revolutionary War cannons, powder, and shot.

We all caught fish. Each boy went home with fileted dinner. They also went home with the skills needed to fish another day. Oh, and we all had FUN!

Old Farts are also a target to take fishing. Many older anglers have outlived their fishing buddies. Solo fishing is not a reality. Handling a boat, wading a slick river, or adventuring away from the parking areas is not as easy as it once was. Having a shadow offers safety and joy to the day.

I mentor an old fishing buddy each year. Joe has all the gear, experience, knowledge, and stories from a lifetime of fishing. We hit the river and I make sure that Joe is safe and has company. What wonderful stories we tell and make.

We will never catch as many fish as we want. We also will never Mentor enough new fishermen.

Catch a Biggun!

Montana Grant

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