By Montana Grant

Posted: January 2, 2021

Many of us upland bird hunters got new pups this summer and fall. As the bird season ends, the rivers freeze, and hunting becomes colder, do not stop training yet.

Try using several of this year’s pheasant, hun, or grouse wings to keep the pups primed.

Make a simple Bird Bomb! I use an empty plastic water bottle without the cap. Take some inch-wide tape and secure a wing to the bottle. Two wraps work fine. If the wings are fresh, there will still be plenty of scent on them. If they are older, add some scent.

Try using the scent that comes in a container like a deodorant container. Bird Down is a product manufactured by ConQuest Scents. This no spill wax stick formula is easy to apply. No leaks or over application. You can carry it easily inn your pocket and apply as needed. Less is more with this product.

It is made of pure unpreserved scent extracted from real birds. It comes in several flavors. I use the Pheasant Blend.

Apply to your Bird Bombs or to your training dummies. Hide them afield, or in your yard’s bushes. Now turn the pups loose and “Huntem up!” When the pup finds them, have them make a retrieve. The empty plastic bottle, and real wings, help to teach them about a soft mouth. If they are still chomping too hard on the bottles, attach the wings to old hairbrushes. The bristles will stab back and teach the do to lighten their grip.

Pups are like unpruned plants, bushes, and trees. If you nurture them, care for them, and prune away the unwanted features, they bloom, prosper, and bear fruit. Dog training can happen year around. Pups have a relatively short live so do not waste any time!

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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