By Montana Grant

Posted: January 9, 2021

I would like to start a new series that looks at the best, greatest, and most fish catchin flies ever fished! These SUPERFLYS are often well known, forgotten, or brand new. Every fly and spin fishermen need to have a few of these SUPERFLYS in their vests and tackle.

What makes a SUPERFLY SUPER is that they are cheap, easy to tie, easy to fish, and catch loads of fish.

Most OLD SCHOOL SUPERFLYS were made from whatever was available. Trashy, flashy attractors, that mimicked natural food sources.

Back in the Day, which means the 1960’s for me, I designed the “Vindicator”. This trout catching fly was made from orange chenille, lead wire and red thread. I tied it on a basic #10 hook, leaving enough gap between the hook point and shank. At this time, salmon Eggs were the ticket to catch trout. A fly that imitated a salmon egg was money. The fly was a success!

Later, I tied a red rubber band to a hook. Our newspapers came wrapped with these free fly-tying materials. This also was a killer, way back in the 1960’s!

Today, every fly fisherman is loaded with Glo-Eggs and San Juan Worms. They vary in size, color, and materials but are basically all the same. Like them or not, these Meat Flies catch fish. This is often the first fly that a beginner learns to tie.

Presentation is the key. No mater what fly pattern you prefer, if the fly does not drift naturally, it will not work. They seem to work best in the colder months. Fishing an egg/worm tandem rig is perfect. Make sure to sharpen your hooks and learn to see the strikes. Use floatant to grease your fly line and leader, or practice with a strike indicator.

Fish are opportunistic feeders. They eat what gets their attention, drifts naturally, and matches natural foods. Eggs and worms are the ticket!

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Montana Grant

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