By Montana Grant

Posted: February 21, 2021

Flies Fly! If you have ever tried to open your priceless fly box along a river in Montana, you know what I mean.

Trout fishing flies are expensive. An average fly in a local shop can be well over $2.50 apiece. Oh, sure you can tie your own, or get special cheapo flies. Tying your own takes time, expense, and dedication. Once you tie up a flock of great flies, you hope for them to end up in a fish’s mouth, not Gone with the Wind!

Most fly boxes are narrow and shallow. When you open them, the stored flies are exposed to the weather. One breeze can cost you a days’ worth, of fly-fishing ammunition. Wind is a huge problem, but so is dropping the full box of flies. If you have a hundred flies in an average box, imagine the cost of loss! Count how many flies are in one of your boxes and what they cost.

The Paradise Valley, near Livingston really blows! It is always windy and windier than anywhere else. The wind drove Pioneers so crazy that they frequently committed suicide so that they go to “Paradise”! Many fly boxes have also flown there.

Try adding this attractive trick to your fly boxes. Use magnet tape or super magnets to keep your flies in the box, until needed. Magnet tape is quick and easy but is not Super Magnetic. It helps but is not as powerful as the Super Magnets.

Super Magnets are available at local hardware stores. When you add one to a fly box section, glue them in place one at a time. Start at extreme corners. The magnets will also attract each other. Use a strong glue to hold them in place. I use LEXEL, a clear sealer adhesive. You may need to wait a few hours for the glue to set up before you finish the job.

While you are at it, do not forget to add a personal mail label inside your box. Protect it with tape. This info could help return the fly box that you dropped in the river.

Super Magnets will keep the flies in place even if you drop the entire box in the river. This simple fix is attractive and can save your fishing day!

Montana Grant

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