By Montana Grant

Posted: February 20, 2021

Fishermen love to fish. The truth is that we have all had bad days, good days, and great days! What was your greatest fishing day ever?

This question becomes harder as we get older. Veteran anglers have caught fish for a lifetime. Younger anglers may have caught fish just last week.

Last year, a lifelong friend and I went to Alaska! We reserved a boat at Green Rocks Lodge and had a wonderful time. Talk about eat, sleep, fish! Captain Tom and I filled the boat with Big Buts! Catching a halibut over 100 pounds is amazing. We caught 3! Its like hooking a tractor trailer when fishing off a bridge over an interstate. It took teamwork, friendship, and skill.

There are so many wonderful days of fishing. Just this winter I iced over 75 trout to fill my limit of 20 brooks and 5 cutties. Filling a canoe full of Striped Bass in the Susquehanna River needs to be on the list. A limit of Pennsylvania trout over 20 inches, on 2 lb. test line is on the list.

We all have our great fish stories. Honestly, the best stories are when my kids caught their first fish. Sponsoring several fishing derbies for hundreds of kids was a great catch. Helping my future wife catch her first fish and limit was spectacular, even though she will not fish anymore.

Fishing is an experience. We fish to escape and celebrate the outdoors. Mentoring friends and family, is the best catch of all.

Montana Grant

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