By Montana Grant

Posted: February 20, 2021

Minnow patterns are most effective in the Spring and Fall. It is at these times when fish are actively feeding due to hunger. In the Spring it is about eating after a slow, long, cold, winter. In the Fall, it is about fattening up for a slow, long, cold, winter.

The Clouser Minnow is a minnow money fly. Every fly guy should have a selection of these great, and simple to tie flies in their box. A rotary vice is a good tool to use when tying this minnow pattern.

Bob Clouser created this streamer in 1987. He was a Pennsylvania Fly Shop owner and guide who frequented the Susquehanna River. Smallmouth Bass was his original target species. Left Kreh, the Father of Modern Fly Fishing, was his fishing buddy and claims to have caught over 87 species of fish using this fly.

The key to this fly is using an inverted streamer hook with dumbbell Tungsten eyes. This allows the fly to remain more snag free. It is especially deadly when tied to mimic a Sculpin. Some jig hooks also make for a unique tie.

Use a sharp brand of hook such as a Gamakatsu hook. You need a durable hook since this fly will be getting a workout. Whether in fresh or Salt water, simply mix up the sizes and colors for the species of gamefish that you are targeting.

Flashy and trashy is a good idea. Use crystal flash, synthetic hair, bucktail, and impala hair when tying these killers. Any minnow eating gamefish will target this amazing Superfly.

I have used bunny strips on this style fly to create a crayfish pattern. Fish it as a nymph and hang on.

Clousers are an all-purpose, everywhere fly that needs to be in your Superfly Box!

Montana Grant

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