Use EXTREME caution while on the ice
By angelamontana

Posted: February 9, 2021

With winter making its way to us recently, many people are excited about the ice freezing.  Well, don’t let a couple of days of cold weather fool you, as ice can be a very dangerous place to be…especially when you are on a snowmobile, four-wheeler or side-by-side…let alone a full-size vehicle.  There are reports of people falling through the ice this season, including at Fort Peck and, most recently, at Tiber Reservoir.  Please be careful.

Please, please, please be careful. 

It is easy to forget that the ice isn’t super thick yet with the subzero temperatures, as you can’t really tell when the wind is blowing snow over open water that freezes on top.  There is still open water out there, and just because it looks frozen doesn’t mean that it is.

Hold on to your loved ones, and be especially careful on the ice out there.

Ice Fishing Montana posted this:

Guys please be careful on Tiber. Ice here is never safe. It’s very unpredictable. Just because we had a cold snap it doesn’t erase the gas pockets and springs that are all over tiber. I never drive any ice until I spud and drill. Then I stick to that route and I still don’t trust it. Life is too precious to chance it. Yesterday was a deadly day on tiber for some ice fishermen. Don’t do that to your families. Please respect the ice. No matter where you fish. God bless everyone who was effected today with the loss of life today 😥

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