By Montana Grant

Posted: March 13, 2021

Cowboys rarely get sick. They are a tough breed. Perhaps it is working outdoors, eating campfire food, or maybe it is something overlooked.

One thing the Cowboys have plenty of is Horse Manure! They end up walking in it, getting splattered with it, and breathing it in all day long. This prairie first aid organic remedy may be the perfect answer to keeping Montanan’s Covid free.

Next time you are on the range, grab a few hands full of fresh horse manure. Smear it onto your hands and skin.

This look and smell will discourage others from getting too close.

Hands covered in manure will help remind you to not rub or touch your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Other Cowboys and pardners will decline to shake hands.

Working hands covered in manure may remind you to wash more often.

Cowboys often wear face coverings or Bandannas

Yippee kai yea!!!

Montana Grant

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