By Montana Grant

Posted: March 8, 2021

Fishing is a wonderful sport. Many fish to enjoy beautiful places, peace, tranquility and what some called “Hallowed Waters!”

Fishing, like hunting, is about searching, exploring, and seeking a goal. Sometimes the goal is a fish or filled tag. Sometimes it is more than that.

Each Spring, many states enjoy a Trout Season opening day! For some, this annual tradition is about crowds, traffic jams, and getting up too early to join in a crowd of other fishermen.

Opening Day is about an annual Party! Fishing is the excuse to get together, celebrate family and friends, taking off work, getting outdoors, and saying Hello to other like-minded anglers.

Now some people see trout fishing differently. Like it or not, if just a few people like to trout fish, trouting will go down the tubes. Fishermen represent an important lobby when voting to protect our watersheds, ecosystems, and environment. Stocked fish are normally placed into seasonal waters and not mixed into native fisheries. Many of our “native” fisheries are a result of leftover stocked fish.

It is true that a small minority of snobby fishermen would prefer less crowds, competition, and fishing alone. This does not stock our ranks with future voters and outdoor minded votes and Stewards of our planet. Honestly, these experienced fishing Hermits should take newbies and kids fishing more often, especially on opening days.

It is more exciting to teach others how to fish than catch a fish yourself. Fishing is about having fun. Sharing these great times with others is even better.

Opening days are also just “days”. Once the crowds go home, the waters are still full of fish. Just because there are busloads of people taking up space for a few days or weekends, does not mean the fish were all caught. The truth is that 10 % of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. There will be future stockings and more chances to fish more peacefully.

Opening Days are the Superbowl for Trout fishing. Crowds, tailgating, gear, excitement, and fun. 80,000 screaming fans in a stadium. Everyone is there to celebrate their team. Like minded, enthusiastic, and friendly. What is wrong with a crowded pond or stream that is stocked with fishermen that all enjoy the same thing!?

We often plan for a great lunch afield or streamside. Everyone rendezvouses at noon for updates and a fresh fish sandwich. Lotteries for the biggest or most fish can be awarded. Plenty of lost fish stories can be shared. These traditions are remembered forever.

Now it is true that there can be rude, selfish, grumps along the streams. Sometimes greed gets the best of them and they can complain and be idiots. Simply move away and enjoy the day. This happens at any crowded sporting event, theater, or… People will be people.

What is even more common is that the Brother and Sisterhood of fishermen is kind, sharing, helpful, and friendly. Set the example and mentor others.

Enjoy the Opening Day! Oh, and say HELLO!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, catch him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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