HOLY WATERS! 3/25/21
By Montana Grant

Posted: March 25, 2021

The Holy 3 Trout Rivers are open and ready for fishing. These Blue-Ribbon Fisheries are fishing well, but dress for the weather and fish when it is the sunniest.


The Stone is getting better, despite being off color. The ice melt slows things down. The best fishing is in areas where the sun warms things up a bit. Look for fish rising to midges. There will usually be several trout or more in the posse. Whatever rig you fish, add a Zebra, or small caddis nymph, dropper. Still some floating ice and blocked side channels. Walk /Wade fishing will allow you to focus on less water more thoroughly.


This water is getting better with every warmer day. The lower, more open area is fishing well using streamers. Just fish them slow. In the Canyon, below Big Sky, use the standard Prince, Copper Johns, Lightening Bugs, and worm/egg patterns. Always drop a Zebra midge. Don’t be surprised to see some small stoneflies soon. Using a Golden Stonefly nymph can be money in certain runs.


The upper is steadily improving. Fish the sunny waters and dress warm. Locate a midge hatch and you can have a posse of fish on the surface. Always drop a Zebra midge. Too chilly for streamers. I had a few follows but no takers. Using a Brown Rubber legs with a Zebra dropper, fished slow, was my go-to rig. Strikes were light.


Its funny how the Lower is actually 2 rivers. Below Ennis Lake and into the Canyon. Then the more open waters down to Grey Cliffs. On a warmer day, fishing nymphs below the dam can be amazing. The Canyon has some fish but will improve as trout begin to migrate. The Low Lower is a good drift option. If you have never drifted from Black’s Ford to Grey Cliffs, now is the time. Streamer action is improving. I have been adding a dropper to my streamers and increased hook ups. Also sharpen your hooks. Don’t be afraid to dead drift a streamer. I also found a midge hatch in a side channel that lasted for a few hours. No big fish but several nice ones. Experiment with your confidence flies.

Neoprene waders are a better choice. You will get chilly fast. I also suggest a walking stick. There are many slick spots, ice, and as we all know, round rocks.

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, catch him on the Holy Waters at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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