By Montana Grant

Posted: March 14, 2021

Spring turkey time is just around the corner. April 10th is the Spring opener for Turkey hunting hot spots. Spring turkey time means Gobbler Time. Most areas allow only archery or shotgun opportunities, so getting close is key. This means camouflage and calling.

Turkey calling takes practice. Most hunters use handheld calls because they are unable to use a mouth or diaphragm call. This requires practice. The diaphragm calls rend to tickle and promote a gag reflex until you get used to them. Its like learning how to put in contact lenses. Once you can tolerate the process, you are good to go.

My preferred turkey call is the Rocky Jacobsen Rocky Mountain Game Calls. This call design contains a hard cone that allows you to position the call perfectly onto the roof of your mouth. You can visit Rocky’s website at Rocky Mountain Game Calls. HTTPS://buglingbull.com. to view how to use the call. Elk diaphragm calls can be used to call in turkeys.

Turkey call practice time is best in the truck or car, when you are on your way to work, alone. You will make wives, friends, and family, pets, angry at home. You need to practice a lot. The first calls out of your mouth are the most important.

Kee Kee runs, clucks, purrs, gobbles, and cackles are what you need to learn. There is also a time to use each sound and a time to shut up. Once the bird has responded and is coming in, be quiet and let the bird find you.

You want to learn how to call LOUD! Gobbling is hard to do with a mouth call. You may want to look at a shaker or box call for this sound. I only gobble when I am searching for a bird. Once they gobble back, I am all about calling like a hen. Every turkey makes a unique sound. Call just enough to get the bird coming in. Less is more, but quality calls make a huge difference.

Spring Turkey time is a wonderful time to be outdoors. Camping in the Spring is comfortable and not crowded. Spend some time talkin turkey soon!

Cluck, cluck, purr, purr!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, call him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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